Eesti Koolipsühholoogide Ühing

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Preliminary activities for the project have been carried out – a review of existing tests and evaluation of the need for new ones while consulting with an expert.
All project partners (Association of Estonian School Psychologists, Tallinn University and Innove SA) have been closely cooperating for the project launch – reviewing the samples and the testers’ distribution, requirements for the testing environment, recruiting volunteer testers and the planning of future activities.


The individual and group assessment of 1st grade students has been carried out. The assessment of 2nd-9th grade students in computer environment has started.
20 tests have been developed in three versions (for 1st- 3rd, 4th-6th and 7th-9th grade).
49 psychologists have participated in training held in Tallinn University. These psychologists have been carrying out the assessment.
The computer environment has been created and tests for 2nd-9th grade students have been inserted for data collection.


The assessment of 2nd-9th grade students in computer environment has been carried out. The academic assessment of 1-9th grade students has started.
Academic tests have been developed, inserted to computer environment for data collection or printed out and given to psychologists responsible for the assessment.
Principal structure of assessment manual has been created.