Testproject news

Final conference

Final conference was held in Tallinn University on 28th April which marked the end of the project and its  activities. First part of the conference focused on the project itself. Eve Kikas as a project leader gave an  overview of the activities carried out during two year period and also introduced the tests. Marie Maarend… Read more

Final phase of the project – finalising the assessment manual and completing trainings for school psychologists (1.01.-31.04.2016)

Finalising the assessment manual continues. Manual includes the overview of main psychic processes which are being assessed, also overview of the tests and scoring procedures. In January and March several trainings for school psychologists took place. Main aim was to prepare them for proper test administration, scoring and interepretation of the results. The computer environment for… Read more

III phase of the project – data analyses and developing manual continues, training for school psychologists and other support specialists starts (1.09.-31.12.2015)

All data files have been downloaded from computer environment and paper based tests have been added to data files. Most of the data has been organized. On the 30th of October first of the three trainings for psychologists was carried out. 40 psychologists attended. On the 4th of December training for other specialists from Pathfinder… Read more