Actors involved

1. Psychologsist from the Association of Estonian School Psycologists carry out testing in schools. Chairman of the Board Triin Kahre as the project coordinator.

2. Researchers, consultants, and other specialists in Tallinn University are involved in developing tests, formatting the tests for usage in computer environment, educating school psychologists to use the tests, providing support and help at all stages of the project, carrying out statistical analyses, writing manual, and educating psychologists to interpret the results and other specialists in Rajaleidja centers about the work of psychologists. Professor of school psychology Eve Kikas as project lead.

3. Specialists in Foundation Innove organise the collecting of norms in all the centers all around Estonia. They support psychologists in participating in seminars. Any Pärn as coordinator of Innove activities.


Triin Kahre – Assosciation of Estonian School Psychologists, Chairman of the board –
Anu Pärn – Foundation Innove, Chief specialist in Psychology –
Eve Kikas – Tallinn University, Professor of School Psychology –
Liisi Ausmees – Tallinn University, Researcher–

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